Editor’s note/ Immersive Dunhuang

體 感 敦 煌

Situated at the strategic position of China, Dunhuang has been breeding inclusive multi-cultures of religion, architecture, art and unique humanity since Han dynasty. ‘Yumenguang’( Jade Gate) probably is the most famous frontier-post of China, which has been commonly sung and described in many frontier literature with strong national sentiment, compared to the fine arts of Zhongyuan. How could it be? Is Dungung the spiritual center of thoughts or the frontier?

Based on Bourdieu’s field theory, Lin Xue-Ling‘s studies well demonstrated how the frontier ‘becomes the frontier‘ and the true depositions of indigenous Dunhuang people. Then, by investigating the dissemination of Buddhism through the Silk Road from Dunhuang, Qing Wang found out the connection between《Hanfeizi》and the evolution of the Swan Maiden Tale from Indian literature. Further, Gao Guo-Fan 高國藩’s research on Dunhuang manuscripts revealed the philosophical belief of《I Ching》behind the dove-stick-bestowing ceremony and the custom of Revering Elders since Han dynasty.

Besides the imaginary journey of ancient Dunhuang, we recommend you to explore the contemporary Dunhuang by immersing yourself in the VR+AR interactive installation “Pure Land 360”, created by pioneer media artist Jeffery Shaw from Hong Kong City University. A multi-layered, multimedia augmented-reality of Dunhuang is await you to experience the detail of the mural, the dance, without destroying the UNESCO World Heritage SITE⎯the Caves of the Thousand Buddhas.

❖ Check 3500+ papers of ‘Dunhuang’ at“Taiwan Academic Classics” (full text searchable platform).

敦煌地處咽喉,是詩歌裡漢番交戰的「玉門關」,亦是唐僧問佛西域的起點。中原士宦眼中的邊塞,在法國思想家布迪厄(Pierre Bourdieu,1930-2002)的眼中,何以「成為邊塞」?《韓非子》中的智慧人物田章如何與印度佛教經典中的「天鵝處女」故事(Swan Maiden Tale)融為一爐? 因中原戰亂而相對保持完好的敦煌遺書竟藏有「鳩杖敬老」與周易占卜的線索?

兼容並蓄的敦煌不僅是祭祀藝術、風水、儒釋道三教融合的濫觴,至今依舊是文人、旅人的靈感泉源,且看當代新媒體藝術大家邵志飛教授(Jeffrey Shaw)如何利用虛擬實境 (Virtual Reality) 與擴增實境 (Augment Reality) 等互動裝置創作,數位保存並重現石窟中的敦煌樂舞,一解世界文化遺產的保存難題。

❖ 到「臺灣學術經典」看更多當代敦煌研究 :

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*Ancient Books Collection refers to Taiwan Wenxian Congkan, Taiwan Wenxian Congkan: Continuation, Biaodian Gujin Tushu Jicheng, all included in “Taiwan Academic Classics” for cross-database search.

圖片來源: 鳴沙山

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